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Dr. Jack Dillenberg stays close to home as the Summer heat rises in Arizona

Dr. George Bluespruce shares a momemt with Dr. Jack at the 2019 ASDOH White Coat Ceremony.

Events including ASDOH’s White Coat Ceremony, two nonprofit Board meetings and participating in an award presentation on behalf of Pacific Dental Services Foundation (PDSF) Dentists for Special Needs Clinic in north Phoenix, Dr. Jack kept himself busy during July in Arizona.

Old friends re-unite at the ASDOH White Coat Ceremony. Drs. Wayne Cottam, Irv and Donna Silverstein share a moment with Dr. Jack.

The ASDOH White Coat Ceremony included a blessing from Dr. George Bluespruce with a special welcome to his grandson into the class of 2023. Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined Dean Trombly in welcoming the new class to ASDOH.

Dr. Jack Visits with ASDOH graduate Dr. Ben Wachter at the PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

The PDSF Dentists for Special Needs welcomed ASDOH graduate, Dr. Ben Wachter, as their new clinical dentist. Dr. Jack Dillenberg serves as the Exectutive Clinical Director and joined Ben and the clinic staff in receiving a community service recognition award from Congressman David Schweikert at the clinic.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg, Board Chairman for Global Smiles for All, chaired the Board meeting which included approving the distribution of 1,000 toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap to refugees and other at-risk individuals. The board members applauded the return of Dr. Abbas Fazal who recently returned from his volunteer service mission to children in Tanzania doing dentistry for children at risk.

Board member, Dr. Abbas Fazal, works with children in Tanzania representing Global Smiles for All.
Members of the Brighterway Institute Board attend the Board Advance in Jerome at the home of Dr. Jack and Jamie.

Dr. Jack and Jamie hosted the Brighterway Institute Summer Board Advance at their home in Jerome. The productive meeting culminated with a wonderful dinner at Up the Creek in Page Springs, Ariz.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg Returns to Phoenix to Attend Ribbon Cutting for Special Needs Clinic

Dr. Jack at the reception desk of the new PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Clinic in Phoenix.

Pacific Dental Services Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Non-Profit Clinic opened its doors in Phoenix with Dr. Jack Dillenberg as part of the team. PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Clinic welcomed PDS team members, along with local community and dental leaders, to the ribbon cutting on April 18th.  This clinic is skillfully designed for special needs patients and their families. It hopes to be a model for other special needs clinics in communities of need for dental services. Arizona has the least restrictive reciprocity law in the U.S., which will enhance the ability of dentists from across the country to come to Arizona to experience this unique facility with its caring, committed and skilled staff.

The Jerome Town Council, Public works director and fire chief meet with local residents to discuss critical parking issues.

When Dr. Jack returned to Jerome, he participated in a Neighborhood Meeting as a member of Jerome’s Town Council. The Council discussed the issue regarding the ways fire trucks, ambulances and other critical vehicles will be able to safely travel on one the very narrow streets in the town without imposing parking restrictions yet still meet the parking needs of the local residents.

Dr. Jack returned to Phoenix to attend the 80th birthday celebration for his dear friend Dr. Carl Hammerschlag.  Friends and family, including Dr. Patch Adams, joined Carl in a very eclectic and humorous trial highlighting some of his unique attributes.

The week ended with a lovely lunch with Jamie, Tanner,
Roxanne, Lili and Isla.