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Dr. Jack elected the new Mayor for Jerome, Ariz

In a surprising election outcome, as Dr. Jack was seeking re-election to the Jerome Town Council, he emerged with the most votes making him the presumptive Mayor Elect. He will take his seat as Mayor at the November 10th Town Council meeting.

Volunteers building the planter’s for Jerome’s Community Garden project.

The town of Jerome has felt the effect of the terrible pandemic with the number of tourists -the town’s major source of revenue – reduced significantly. It seems to be improving slowly as people are happy to leave the high temperatures of the Phoenix metropolitan area to cool off in the mountains of Central Northern Arizona.

Dr. Jack has been busy participating in a number of projects to promote the necessity and safety of visiting a dental office/clinic. Dental offices are very safe as dentists and staff members practice infection control and prevention regularly in their offices. Now they have added additional protocol in place to further enhance the safety of the dental experience.

To help policy makers and elected leaders not give in to the fear of going for a dental visit, Dr. Jack created a ninety second video with his good friend Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, a physician and former state health director during the same time as Dr. Jack. The video was sent to Governors and other leaders and was very well received.

There will be other opportunities for Dr. Jack to provide advice and guidance to other health professionals and patients during the next few weeks. He will keep you posted.

The Band Black Forest Society playing at Dr. Jack’s neighbor’s for the neighborhood.

Stay healthy and safe and please wear a mask when in public – they do work – maintain your social distance and wash your hands often.