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Phoenix-based meetings focus on integrating oral health into primary care

Dr. Jack and table mates at the summit on Value Payer system.

The First Oral Health Summit on the Transformation on Health Care and Finance brought together leaders from across the health-care industry in Phoenix. Presenters and participants had meaningful discussions to develop solutions to the many complex issues raised during the sessions.

Will Humble, former ADHS director and now the current AzPHA Executive Director, emceed the Empowerment Systems Luncheon Dr. Jack attended.

The following day, Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended the Empowerment Systems Luncheon. This event honors many individuals who provide meaningful assistance to many at-risk Arizonans. ASDOH is one of their key partners in providing health services.

Mary Otto introduces Dr. Jack at the Annual Health Reporters Conference held in Phoenix.

The final Phoenix-based event gave Dr. Jack Dillenberg an opportunity to participate in a panel led by Mary Otto, author of the book Teeth which describes the current state of the oral health care system in America. The panel was part of the annual Health Journalism Conference. Health reporters from around the United States attended this event.

Dr. Jack and panel members convene prior to their panel discussion.