Southern California welcomes Dr. Jack for meetings with dental deans and pre-health profession students

Dr. Jack connects with friend and former Gilbert Mayor, John Lewis at the Positive Paths Gala.

Early in the week, Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended the Positive Paths Fourth Annual Night of Hero’s Gala where he was previously honored as Man of the Year for having made a positive difference in our community. This event and organization raises dollars and “ignites a future” for deserving women through scholarships and mentoring.

The Western Consortium of Dental Deans enjoys dinner together.

Later in the week, Dr. Jack joined other dental deans to participate in the newly formed Western Dental Dean Consortium which held its second meeting at USC. The meeting provided a forum for the Western dental school deans to begin discussions on collaborative activities and bring together their combined experiences to promote innovative and meaningful projects to the Western part of the US. Seven dental school deans attended, along with ASDOH’s Dean elect, Bob Trombly.

Dr. Jack prepares to present the keynote speech for the Catch the Wave to Success Pre-Health Conference and Graduate Exhibition.

The following day, Dr. Jack Dillenberg was the keynote speaker for Catch the Wave to Success, a Pre-Health Conference and Graduate Exhibition held at the campus of San Diego State University (SDSU). Close to 300 students participated in the event. His presentation focused on the skills needed to be a successful healthcare provider in 2030.