Phoenix summer heat does not deter Dr. Jack Dillenberg

Dr. Suchita Mandair is presented with her orthodontic fellowship completion certificate.

Vice Dean Wayne Cottam and Dr. Jack reminisce about their 15 years together at ASDOH.

The week began with Dr. Jack Dillenberg participating on the Shils Entrepreneurial Fund Board conference call to help identify this year’s awardees.  He also participated in the Social Mission Metrics Advisory Committee meeting chaired by Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan. The advisory group based at George Washington University is continuing to develop a survey instrument to measure service mission activities at health professions universities.

Dr. Jack speaks at the Mesa Rotary lunch meeting.

The week culminated with Dr. Jack Dillenberg returning to the Mesa Rotary Club as their featured luncheon speaker. He was reminded that he spoke to this group 15 years ago during the start of ASDOH’s existence. En route to Jerome, Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined other CAMBRA conference speakers on a call to discuss this year’s annual CAMBRA meeting which will be held in Denver on August 20-22.