Dr. Jack is back in Boston for the Forsyth Institute

During his recent trip back to Boston, Dr. Jack spoke at The Forsyth Institute on May 5-6. Putting Prevention into Practice: Future Direction was the theme for this year’s Institute, and Dr. Jack spoke about the Future Dentist at Friday’s luncheon to a crowd approximately 100 students, dental researchers and dental faculty.

Dr. Jack spoke of the need for the future dentist to be a leader in the community, not just a clinician. This “future dentist” needs to work in an interprofessional environment while helping to assure that the oral health needs of the underserved are met. He stressed the importance of community service, integrity, quality care and the scholarly activities required for this new dentist to succeed in a complex health care environment. This includes the need for dentists to address social and behavioral health.

In conclusion, Dr. Jack shared with his audience a quote from Albert Schweitzer, “Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success.” He suggested that happiness can be achieved by integrating all the elements of leadership into their future dental practices.

Hard hat and ribbon cutting event held at ASDOH

After a busy night at U of A, Dr. Jack’s Thursday evening was also filled with celebration.  The Hard Hat Event for the new for the Center for Advanced Oral Health Education and ribbon cutting for the opening of the new Postgraduate Orthodontic Clinic. This center is comprised of the Post-graduate Orthodontic Program (POP) and Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program.

The other parts of the center include a clinical research center, a maxillo-facial care area, and a maxillo-facial dental lab.  The event brought together approximately 125 people in the undeveloped area of the 5835 building to celebrate and potentially donate to the development of these new areas.   University leadership, ASDOH faculty and POP students and friends of the school attended.

The catered event allowed and encouraged individuals to select naming opportunities for the various components/areas of the center.

Dr. Jack speaks at the U of A predental club awards dinner

Dr. Jack attended the University of Arizona’s (U of A) awards dinner for the pre-dental club on April 27. Over 40 students and six dentists attended the dinner to promote various community service projects supported by the club members. It was an enthusiastic event with the six dentists mentoring the students by telling their stories and sharing their experiences that positively demonstrated their love of dentistry and the dental profession.

Predental students listen to the stories of local dentists.

Kids and Critters Clinic Day held in Jerome, Arizona gave many a reason to smile

Dr. Cooper assists with a local teenager.

Kids and Critters are always a fun combination, and Saturday, April 23 confirmed this with a novel collaboration of an oral health clinic for both children and pets.  After working out an agreement with the town of Jerome, ASDOH participated in a preventive-oriented clinic in collaboration with Dr. Virginia Kennaway, a local veterinarian and local volunteers. Dr. Roger Cooper, ASDOH faculty member, supervised ASDOH students as part of their dentistry in community program at the Jerome Humane Society Clinic.

The Henry Schein Cares Foundation generously donated the veterinary supplies for the event.  ASDOH students saw “kids” ranging from three months old to 85.  Steve Redacre, the 85 year old, founded the Jerome Humane Society in 1992 as a grass roots effort to deal with the unwanted and uncared for pets of the community.  Dr. Virginia Kennaway and technicians saw over two dozen cats and dogs.  Everyone had a good time, even Mr. Whiskers, a reluctant cat, who didn’t particularly care to have fingers in his mouth.

Kids and Critters volunteers are ready for a great day in Jerome

The First Lady of Tanzania visits ASDOH

H. E. Mama Salma Kikwete, the First Lady of Tanzania, speaks at the PROJECT C.U.R.E. luncheon.

ASDOH hosted a lunch in honor of a very special visitor on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. The First Lady of Tanzania, H. E. Mama Salma Kikwete, visited the ASDOH ATSU campus for a lunch and tour. The visitors included the leadership of PROJECT C.U.R.E. (http://www.projectcure.org/) a non-profit organization that provides new and lightly used medical and dental equipment to underserved developing nations.

PROJECT C.U.R.E. sponsored the First Lady’s visit, as part of their First Ladies’ program as it has done the past six years in honor of First Ladies around the world who represent the countries the organization supports.

Students at ASDOH had a chance to meet the First Lady as she toured the clinic and the simulation lab. A Tanzanian ASDOH D2 student, Imran Patel, a D2, wore traditional Tanzanian dress and offered a welcome greeting to the First Lady. Opportunities for collaboration with the dental school in Dar es Salam were discussed. It was a wonderful visit!

Give Kids a Smile Day brings smiles to underserved area children

While many were completing their taxes, ASDOH took part in Give Kids a Smile Day (GKAS) which is sponsored by the ADA and its state affiliates.  ASDOH partnered with the Arizona State Dental Association Foundation to conduct the event.

The event is coordinated and led by ASDOH students.  ASDOH faculty, staff and alumni participated contributing to a very successful day.  The children who participated are from area schools and enrolled in their schools’ free and reduced lunch programs and were prescreened by school nurses.  In addition to receiving needed dental care, these children were treated to a fun day of activities.  Over 330 children, a new record of participation, the most the school has had in its seven-year history of having GKAS at the school.

Dr. Jack goes to Baltimore

In Baltimore, Dr. Jack was on a panel at the plenary session on Inter Professional Education (IPE) for the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.  It was an opportunity to showcase ASDOH’s effort to promote Inter Professional Education (IPE).

Specifically, he talked about ASDOH’s work with the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA) and the Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS) and the use of ASDOH students making presentations in SOMA, and Physical therapy students from ASHS working with ASDOH students, ie: teaching them proper posture while doing dental procedures.  They are affectionately called the “posture police” at the school.

Additionally, through a partnership with the ASU School of Social Work, Master of Social Work students and ASU faculty work with ASDOH students and faculty on our clinic floor.

Dr. Jack goes for a ride with the acronyms

At the end of March, Dr. Jack went to Chicago to visit with the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) staff to discuss the Missouri distant site model. The proposed ASDOH Missouri expansion will integrate a third year community health center clinical teaching component that is an innovative approach. This model will utilize ASDOH faculty placed in Community Health Centers (CHC’s) to provide a third year clinical training. This partnership with the CHC’s will provide a platform for future dental education models in rural communities.

Dr. Jack landed in Oakland in early April where he attended a Board Retreat for the Center of Oral Health, which was formerly the Dental Health Foundation (DHF). The board, which is comprised of public health, academic and business professionals, committed to improving access to quality preventative oral health services through innovation, collaboration and advocacy.

Back to Chicago in early April, Dr. Jack enjoyed the lovely weather while walking up and down Michigan Avenue to enjoy shopping, a personal spring pastime, while munching on local edible creations.

Between walks, Dr. Jack participated in a discussion with the board of trustees and leadership team of the American Dental Association (ADA) as they sought to learn how the “new dental schools” differed from the more traditional modes of dental education. Dr. Jack participated in a “point-counterpoint” discussion with Dr. Ira Lamster, Dean of Columbia University School of Dental Surgery.

Columbia is world renown for its research-intensive environment and commitment to improving the oral health of the underserved in NYC. The discussion proved to be tremendously beneficial to a significant number of members who had many misconceptions of the actual ASDOH model. They were very pleased to learn about ASDOH’s academic successes, clinical excellence and commitment to basic public health principles.

Dr. Jack and colleagues travel to Jordan

While in Jordan, Dr. Jack takes a side trip to the Dead Sea for a cleansing mud bath.

In February, Dr. Jack Dillenberg led a group of colleagues to Amman, Jordan.  Dr. Tony Hashemian, Dr. Saba Kalamchi and Ms. Elizabeth Russell from ASDOH, along with Dr.Neal Demby, Senior Vice President of Lutheran Medical Center (LMC), came together to explore establishing a program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).

This would be a unique residency in that it would be managed by LMC, accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), and have a public health fellowship embedded within it as a required component, thus making it a combined General Dentistry and Public Health residency.  The Public Health (PH) component would be managed by the ATSU School of Health Management in collaboration with ASDOH.

The residency/fellowship would be initially offered for graduates of JUST; students would be both from and outside of Jordan.

Program plans are being finalized for implementation in July of 2012.

Introducing Dr. Jack Dillenberg

Dr. Jack Dillenberg is the Inaugural Dean of ASDOH

The mantra Dr. Dillenberg teaches all of his dental students and staff is, “There’s a person attached to that tooth, a family attached to that person and a community attached to that family,” says Dr. Jack Dillenberg the Inaugural Dean at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

The focus of his program is to expose students to the some of the most underserved in the U.S.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Dr. Dillenberg, it’s the importance of relationships. At ASDOH, the focus is on the relationships built between practitioners and students, students and patients, and staff and students. Dr. Dillenberg says, “We’re training health-care providers, not tooth technicians.”

It is the goal of the school to expose students to a variety of experiences and to expose them to some of the most underserved in the U.S. It is the hope that, “These students will go out and practice in underserved communities throughout Arizona and the country,” says Dr. Dillenberg.

"Leadership requires courage - for a turtle to go forward, he has to stick his neck out!" Dr. Jack Dillenberg