Mexico City hosts the Federation Dentaire Internationale (FDI) 2011

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian pose in Mexico City with the FDI sign.





Mid-September, during the FDI meeting, Dr. Jack attended meetings with representatives from the World Health Organization to discuss ASDOH’s international multi-center research project on laser use in treating periodontal disease among the underserved.  In addition, he met with senior representatives from the Colgate-Palmolive Company to discuss a potential collaboration using ASDOH’s Text-to-Floss project.

The Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders, is signed in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love

The Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University in Philadelphia set the stage for the signing of the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders on August 3, 2011. Forty-one signers of the Charter for the Alliance came from around the world for the event. The group included dental school representatives, members of the dental industry and various health care organizations from Bulgaria, Turkey, Japan, Israel, to name a few, for the event.

The Alliance is “committed to the vision of promoting peace and well-being among people all over the world through oral health, by creating a common understanding of the social, political, economic and geo-environmental issues among students, educators, researchers, and all health professionals.”

Dr. Jack Dillenberg was elected to the Board of the Alliance. The Board will develop activities to promote peace and good health globally, particularly in areas of conflict.

Dr. Jack signs the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders.

Dr. Jack is at the podium during the signing of the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders.

ASDOH team attends the 2011 International Special Olympics in Athens

Dr. Jack represented ASDOH as the only dental school dean in attendance at this year’s World Special Olympics held in Athens, Greece. Student leader responsible for starting ASDOH’s Future Global Health leaders, Abrahim Caroci along with Dr. Tony Hashemian, Assistant Dean of Global Oral Health also attended the event. Dr. Jack was invited to participate in the research and scholars workgroup, and as a discussion leader in the conversations on how to spread the word about Special Olympics.

Abrahim Caroci was the initial speaker at the student research session and presented a PowerPoint presentation on the role that community service-oriented dental students could play in promoting and participating in Special Olympics worldwide. ASDOH’s Global and Oral Health Leaders was started by Abrahim and used as a model for networking and developing collaborative relationships with dental students throughout the world. Dr. Hashemian met with the group responsible for developing the special athletes electronic medical/health record to plan collaborative projects with ASDOH.

Dr. Jack was an active participant in a series of discussions about how to improve the integration of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in a respectful, unifying and accepting way. Scholars from many international universities participated in this discussion. Dr. Jack was the only scholar to represent a dental school.

Efforts to support the “dignity revolution” were seen throughout the discussions and events of the Special Olympics this year in Greece.

ASDOH graduates its fifth class of dentists on June 11

ASDOH's 2011 graduates.

Celebrations started early in the week, with the Fifth Annual Founders Ball held at the Phoenician on Thursday, June 9. Students, parents, friends, faculty and staff members dressed up for the formal occasion which began with a blessing given by Dr. George Blue Spruce, Assistant dean for American Indian Affairs and emceed by Dr. Jack. The students shared their online yearbook with the audience, filled with memories celebrating some of the highlights of their dental school, rotations and community service experiences. The Phoenician staff served a dinner of filet mignon and shrimp followed by dancing to the tunes of Dark Horse. It was a memorable, fun filled and emotional night for all who attended.

Saturday morning, ASDOH’s graduation was held at the Mesa Center for the Arts. The formal ceremony included two guest speakers, Stanley Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, Inc. and Dr. Chris Holiday, Chief of staff to the US Surgeon General. Both shared personal experiences about life and opportunities to serve the larger community, particularly the underserved and especially American Indians.

There was not a dry eye in the audience as students and family members celebrated the students’ accomplishments and joy.

National Public Radio’s Marketplace interviews Dr. Jack

Janet Babin, reporter from NPR’s Marketplace, visited the Mesa campus on June 1. She is doing a story comparing traditional dental school educational models with the innovative model that has been implemented at ASDOH.

Ms. Babin visited the Mesa campus to interview Dr. Jack and randomly selected students as well as Dr. Chris Volcheck, the Dental Director at CASS Homeless Clinic in Phoenix. She also interviewed Dr. Ken Snyder, Dental Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Clinic. Both clinics provide clinical rotations for ASDOH fourth year students. The Marketplace program will air later this summer.

On Thursday June 2, Dr. Jack flew to San Diego where he attended the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation Dinner. The keynote speaker was community leader and author, Michael Milken. At the dinner, it was announced that ATSU would establish a San Diego based planning office in July to develop their future San Diego campus.

Tree of Peace unveiled at the ATSU campus in Mesa, Arizona

The Tree of Peace is on the ATSU campus in Mesa, Arizona in front of the administration building.

“Without peace, you cannot have freedom, education and societal success, said Dr. Jack Dillenberg during the dedication ceremony of the Tree of Peace at the ATSU Mesa campus on May 26.

The school unveiled the beautiful bronze tree sculpture created by internationally recognized artist Ms. Hedva Ser.  The original Tree of Peace is on the campus of the Hebrew University Dental School in Jerusalem and celebrates the collaboration between the Hebrew University and the Palestinian Dental School,  Al Quds, dental students and faculty also in Jerusalem.

Speakers at the dedication included Dr. Jack Dillenberg, Dr. Adam Stabholz, Dean of the Hebrew University School of Dentistry and Dr.  Amid Ismail , Dean of the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Dr. Ismail  chairs the collaborative efforts of 20 dental schools here and abroad that wish to form an alliance for peace through oral health across borders.

Over 20 dental schools from the U.S. and abroad will be coming to Temple University on August 3 to sign a charter forming this new alliance.

Dr. Jack joins the AADMD in Hartford, Connecticut

During the weekend of May 14 and 15, Dr. Jack attended the annual meeting of the American Academy of Disability Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) in Hartford, Connecticut.  As a board member, Dr. Jack also met with the board during the annual meeting.  The AADMD develops and promotes policies to improve the health of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


It was decided that next years meeting would be hosted by ATSU in Mesa, Arizona which is very exciting for Dr. Jack, who believes it will help promote interprofessional opportunities at ASDOH’s campus.

The home of the Lions welcomes Dr. Jack as a guest speaker

Dr. Jack visited the home of the Lions, Alhambra High School, in West Phoenix on May 12 and presented a motivational speech on happiness, teamwork, and the importance of community service.  As future leaders, he reminded students to follow their passion and find something that they love to do.  This may take many years along with patience and flexibility, but happiness is key.


He also reminded students that once high school is over, the homework continues.  We live in a world that is constantly changing and all of us need to continue to grow and be life-long learners.

Dr. Jack is back in Boston for the Forsyth Institute

During his recent trip back to Boston, Dr. Jack spoke at The Forsyth Institute on May 5-6. Putting Prevention into Practice: Future Direction was the theme for this year’s Institute, and Dr. Jack spoke about the Future Dentist at Friday’s luncheon to a crowd approximately 100 students, dental researchers and dental faculty.

Dr. Jack spoke of the need for the future dentist to be a leader in the community, not just a clinician. This “future dentist” needs to work in an interprofessional environment while helping to assure that the oral health needs of the underserved are met. He stressed the importance of community service, integrity, quality care and the scholarly activities required for this new dentist to succeed in a complex health care environment. This includes the need for dentists to address social and behavioral health.

In conclusion, Dr. Jack shared with his audience a quote from Albert Schweitzer, “Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success.” He suggested that happiness can be achieved by integrating all the elements of leadership into their future dental practices.

Hard hat and ribbon cutting event held at ASDOH

After a busy night at U of A, Dr. Jack’s Thursday evening was also filled with celebration.  The Hard Hat Event for the new for the Center for Advanced Oral Health Education and ribbon cutting for the opening of the new Postgraduate Orthodontic Clinic. This center is comprised of the Post-graduate Orthodontic Program (POP) and Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program.

The other parts of the center include a clinical research center, a maxillo-facial care area, and a maxillo-facial dental lab.  The event brought together approximately 125 people in the undeveloped area of the 5835 building to celebrate and potentially donate to the development of these new areas.   University leadership, ASDOH faculty and POP students and friends of the school attended.

The catered event allowed and encouraged individuals to select naming opportunities for the various components/areas of the center.

"The most difficult glue to find is the one to repair broken trust." Dr. Jack Dillenberg