Dr. Jack Dillenberg stays in Ariz. for ASDOH activities

The Arizona Children’s Action Alliance founder and CEO, Ginger Ward, met with Dr. Jack Dillenberg to discuss potential collaboration and the status of underserved children in Arizona. This week Dean designee, Bob Trombly, and Dean Dillenberg  began a series of transition briefings to assure a smooth transfer of leadership. Dr. Trombly has had leadership experience in multiple dental schools and in CODA.

Dr. Jack with ASDOH students who participated in the ASDOH dodge ball fundraiser.

While in Phoenix, Dr. Jack chaired the Center for Oral Health Board meeting held in LA via conference call.

The week culminated with the ATSU Open House at the Mesa campus bringing in close to 400 visitors. ASDOH’s attendees included many from the Southeast region of the country. Events at the Open House began with a welcome and history by Dr. Jack Dillenberg, a student panel, a presentation by the admissions team, and a tour of the dental school. In the afternoon, ASDOH students planned and held a dodgeball fundraising event. Ten teams participated and funds raised raised will be used for providing supplies for dental services to at-risk school children.

Give Kids a Smile Day arrives at ASDOH

ASDOH students showing off their new Dr. Jack t-shirts.

This week was filled with Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) Day and ASDOH alumni reunion activities. Friday, February 17 over 400 children came to ASDOH to receive free dental care and enjoy time at booths filled with games and educational experiences. ASDOH had over 500 volunteers including ASDOH students, graduates, local businesses and neighboring educational institutions.

Big Red, Ariz. Cardinals mascot, joins in the GKAS festivities.

After the GKAS event, ASDOH hosted an alumni celebration honoring the 10-year reunion of 2007 alumni and the 5-year reunion of 2012. Other graduates participated as a number of alumni were recognized for their leadership and community service after graduating from ASDOH. Saturday, ASDOH provided continuing education courses for those alums who attended the reunion.

Dr. Jack welcomes Kevin Earle, executive director of Arizona State Dental Association to GKAS Day.

Students line up to have Dean Dillenberg autograph their t-shirts.

AEEDC Dubai and related meetings are the focus of the week

Dean Hien Chi Ngo and faculty member from Sharjah Dental School reconnect with Dr. Jack at the AEEDC Dubai meeting.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian represented ATSU at the second largest dental meeting in the world, AEEDC Dubai. While there, Dr. Jack presented to over 100 dental students and faculty from throughout the Gulf region. After the presentation, many students stayed for an interactive Q and A session. He also chaired the session for AEEDC on pediatrics, orthodontics and implants for world-renown experts in these areas.

As the session chair, Dr. Jack welcomes Dr. Sagar Abichandani from India.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian represent ATSU at the 14th Annual Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting.

As a member of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance, Dr. Jack Dillenberg initiated a discussion on dental ethics and a recommendation to increase the number of presentations dealing with integrity in dentistry. These recommendations were widely accepted. Council members included over 100 dental leaders from 43 nations. Dr. Jack is one of only three representatives from the United States.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg travels to Boston, Mass. for the Yankee Dental Congress

Dr. Jack and colleagues at the January ASDOH faculty/staff meeting.

Before leaving for Boston, Dr. Jack Dillenberg facilitated the January ASDOH faculty and staff meeting. The agenda included updates on admissions, the success of the research symposium along with the upcoming (Give Kids a Smile) GKAS event.

While in Boston, Dr. Jack Dillenberg visited with the employees of Convergent Dental, inventors of the innovative Solea Laser System.

At the Yankee Dental Congress, Dr. Jack Dillenberg presented on the essential leadership skills needed for success in the emerging healthcare system. This presentation was part of the Dentaquest workshop for Community Health Center providers.

The employees at Convergent Dental welcome Dr. Jack as there luncheon speaker.

Dr. Jack proves his laser skills on an innocent apple.

ASDOH’s research efforts gain momentum and recognition during research week

Dr. Jack welcomes Dr. Jack Farracane, President of the AADR, to ASDOH’s research symposium.

Research Week at ASDOH began on Monday with a lunch presentation on “Research Speed Dating,” followed by  additional presentations during lunch throughout the week. Student Research Day on Friday highlighted competing student presentations. On Saturday, ASDOH hosted the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) Scientific Symposium. It was in collaboration with Midwestern University School of Dentistry and the Ariz. Chapter of AADR.

Dr. George Bluespruce and Dr. Jack Dillenberg welcome American Indian predental workshop participants.

Midweek, Dr. Dillenberg enjoyed a visit with over a dozen American Indian predental students from across America who attended ASDOH’s SAID student chapter predental workshop. The workshop’s purpose was to prepare them for their dental school applications.

ATSU’s Advancement Team visits ATSU’s Mesa campus.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg also met with the members of ATSU’s Advancement group to discuss ASDOH’s development needs and opportunities.

This week it’s all about the students

This past week, Dr. Jack Dillenberg had the special privilege of visiting with middle and high school students at the Chandler Preparatory Charter School. During his presentations, the students asked meaningful questions about what it means to be a healthcare provider, and Dr. Jack gave them advice in response. He added humor to his talk and shared stories about his extensive public health career.

High School students at Chandler Prep Charter School enjoy Dr. Jack's presentation.
High School students at Chandler Prep Charter School enjoy Dr. Jack’s presentation.

It was also a week that included reconnecting with the ASDOH Class of 2020 as they gathered for their class photo and had a chance to chat with the Dean. They shared goals for enriching their ASDOH experience through continued commitment to community service. Their conversations also demonstrated nurturing support  for each other.

The ASDOH class of 2020 gathers for their photo.
The ASDOH class of 2020 gathers for their photo.

Discussions were held to finalize plans for next week’s celebration of ASDOH’s Research Week.

ASDOH eases into a new year

While many of the ASDOH community extended their vacations, others began the New Year with planning innovative initiatives. These included the expansion of digital dentistry efforts and providing needed care to Holocaust survivors. This effort is being led by the Alpha Omega Foundation and the Henry Schein Company. 

The highlight of Dr. Jack’s week was seeing his granddaughters. 

Dean Dillenberg rings in the New Year in Jerome, Arizona

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 begins, changes are in store for ASDOH. Dr. Jack Dillenberg looks forward to welcoming his successor in a few months who will carry on ASDOH’s mission. 

The class of 2021 is filling with a talented and diverse group of men and women. Additionally, innovation at ASDOH regarding plans to expand digital dentistry efforts will be disclosed in the spring. 

The week is filled with multiple celebrations

Dr. Jack joins Dr. D. Walter Cohen and Claire to celebrate Dr. Cohen's 90th birthday celebration.
Dr. Jack joins Dr. D. Walter Cohen and Claire to celebrate Dr. Cohen’s 90th birthday.

Dr. Adi Garfunke; and wife, Bianca, also join Dr. Jack for Walter's 90th birthday celebration.
Dr. Adi Garfunkel and wife, Bianca, also join Dr. Jack for Walter’s 90th birthday celebration.

Dr. D. Walter Cohen, the iconic dean of the University of Pennsylvania dental school celebrated his 90th birthday. Many of Dr. Cohen’s friends and colleagues from around the world came together in Philadelphia to celebrate this joyous event.

The new not-for-profit, Brighter Way, held its first board meeting.
The new not-for-profit, Brighter Way, held its first Board meeting.

Tuesday evening, Dr. Jack joined Brighter Way board members for their initial meeting to discuss the organization’s commitment to providing oral health care to the underserved.

The week culminated with the ASDOH Postgraduate Orthodontic Program graduation dinner.  The dinner brought together faculty, family members and graduating residents to celebrate their accomplishments.

ASDOH faculty gather at the 2016 Post-Graduate Orthodontic Program celebration.
ASDOH faculty gather at the 2016 Postgraduate Orthodontic Program graduation celebration.

"Leadership requires courage - for a turtle to go forward, he has to stick his neck out!" Dr. Jack Dillenberg