National Public Radio’s Marketplace interviews Dr. Jack

Janet Babin, reporter from NPR’s Marketplace, visited the Mesa campus on June 1. She is doing a story comparing traditional dental school educational models with the innovative model that has been implemented at ASDOH.

Ms. Babin visited the Mesa campus to interview Dr. Jack and randomly selected students as well as Dr. Chris Volcheck, the Dental Director at CASS Homeless Clinic in Phoenix. She also interviewed Dr. Ken Snyder, Dental Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Clinic. Both clinics provide clinical rotations for ASDOH fourth year students. The Marketplace program will air later this summer.

On Thursday June 2, Dr. Jack flew to San Diego where he attended the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation Dinner. The keynote speaker was community leader and author, Michael Milken. At the dinner, it was announced that ATSU would establish a San Diego based planning office in July to develop their future San Diego campus.