KFNN interviews Dr. Jack Dillenberg on Business for Breakfast

On Thursday July 19, Dr. Dillenberg spoke on KFNN’s Business for Breakfast about ASDOH and discussed the ways that the Thunderbirds Charities have impacted the work of ATSU’s dental school.

In 2007, Thunderbirds Charities invested $150,000 in Dental Care West creating the Thunderbirds Special Care Unit. With the increasing demand for oral care in the West Valley, they contributed an additional $75,000 in 2010 to help with the expansion of the clinic.

The students who work at Dental Care West provide comprehensive oral care and special care dentistry as well. They serve medically complex cases for patients including those with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as for patients in nursing homes.

To hear the interview, please select the podcast below.
Dillenberg Interview on KFNN