Hard hat and ribbon cutting event held at ASDOH

After a busy night at U of A, Dr. Jack’s Thursday evening was also filled with celebration.  The Hard Hat Event for the new for the Center for Advanced Oral Health Education and ribbon cutting for the opening of the new Postgraduate Orthodontic Clinic. This center is comprised of the Post-graduate Orthodontic Program (POP) and Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program.

The other parts of the center include a clinical research center, a maxillo-facial care area, and a maxillo-facial dental lab.  The event brought together approximately 125 people in the undeveloped area of the 5835 building to celebrate and potentially donate to the development of these new areas.   University leadership, ASDOH faculty and POP students and friends of the school attended.

The catered event allowed and encouraged individuals to select naming opportunities for the various components/areas of the center.

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