Frigid cold and winter storms don’t deter Dr. Jack Dillenberg from visiting Washington DC

Ron Pollack, Founder and Executive Director of Families USA, welcomes Dr. Jack to Washington DC.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg flew to Washington DC to attend the retirement celebration for Ron Pollack only to find out it was postponed due to the winter storm. Fortunately, he was able to still have a wonderful visit with Ron, who has been his friend since they were children. Dr. Jack was also able to visit with Dr. Rick Valachovic, President of ADEA, to discuss current issues facing dental education.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg serendipitously meets former ADEA executive, Dr. Eugene Anderson.

As Dr. Jack Dillenberg was departing from his meeting with Rick, he met up with a large group of USC physician assistant students. He took advantage of this opportunity to discuss the importance of integrating oral health into primary care. Later in the week he also chaired the Board meeting for the Center for Oral Health, during which time the group approved their three-year strategic plan.