Dr. Jack takes a break and enjoys a holiday in southern Utah

During the early part of July, Dr. Jack Dillenberg enjoyed the Staircase of the Escalante, in southern Utah. He spent a glorious week with wonderful people, spectacular scenery, and extraordinary food in the mountain towns of Boulder, Escalante, and Torrey, with wonderful stops in Kanab and Flagstaff along the way. He enjoyed the uniquely delicious desserts including spiced cherry pie at the Burr Trail Grill and brandied cherry chocolate chip ice cream (with hot chocolate syrup) served at Hell’s Backbone Grill. The pumpkin “Jenchalada” and signature meatloaf were also favorites at the HBG, yummy!

Dr. Jack poses at the “Welcome to Boulder” sign.
The yummy spiced cherry pie that Dr. Jack enjoyed at the Burr Trail Grill.
Torrey, Utah provides a lovely background for Dr. Jack Dillenberg.