Dr. Jack is back in Boston for the Forsyth Institute

During his recent trip back to Boston, Dr. Jack spoke at The Forsyth Institute on May 5-6. Putting Prevention into Practice: Future Direction was the theme for this year’s Institute, and Dr. Jack spoke about the Future Dentist at Friday’s luncheon to a crowd approximately 100 students, dental researchers and dental faculty.

Dr. Jack spoke of the need for the future dentist to be a leader in the community, not just a clinician. This “future dentist” needs to work in an interprofessional environment while helping to assure that the oral health needs of the underserved are met. He stressed the importance of community service, integrity, quality care and the scholarly activities required for this new dentist to succeed in a complex health care environment. This includes the need for dentists to address social and behavioral health.

In conclusion, Dr. Jack shared with his audience a quote from Albert Schweitzer, “Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success.” He suggested that happiness can be achieved by integrating all the elements of leadership into their future dental practices.