Dr. Jack has another busy week

On Sunday, October 30, Dr. Jack ended the month of October in Washington D.C. for a board meeting of the Association for Prevention, Teaching, and Research (APTR).

On Monday, he attended the Oral Health Section of the American Public Health Association where he attended a variety of programs and sessions including the opening session along with breakout sessions on social media and oral health.

A funny thing happened on his way to the airport (not the forum, as you were probably thinking). At the Liaison Hotel while he was printing his boarding pass, Dr. Jack ran into two men he know who were attending the Dental Trade Alliance meeting. So, he walked in and “crashed” their party to visit with a number of old friends who knew him (he had been a keynote speaker for the organization in the past), and sat in on their opening session before flying back to Phoenix.

One night in Phoenix, then back in the air again.

Dr. Jack continues to rack up his frequent miles. The second half of his week landed him in San Antonio to give the keynote address to the American Student Dental Association Western Regional meeting.

This was a treat for Dr. Jack who was one of the founders of the organization 40+ years ago. He led an inspirational session in San Antonio for 150 students leaders from dental schools west of the Mississippi. He focused on basic leadership skills including the key components of integrity, courage, communication and collaboration.