Dr. Jack Dilllenberg attends the annual ADEA meeting followed by a trip to DC for Induction into NAP

After a wonderful vacation in Key West, Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined other ASDOH faculty and administrators, both as participants and presenters, at the ADEA annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. Dean Dillenberg attended the Dean’s Council where they discussed the new CODA standards and welcomed a number of new deans and new schools of dentistry. The House of Delegates voted to grant initial membership to ATSU’s new Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (MSDOH).

While Dr. Dillenberg was in Orlando, Dr. Chris Halliday, MSDOH’s Dean, attended the groundbreaking of the new dental school on the Kirksville campus.

After a quick day back on the ASDOH campus, the Dean left for Washington D.C. to be inducted into the National Academies of Practice (NAP). The organization promotes interprofessional collaboration and education to improve health, decrease costs, and to promote an efficient health care system. Membership is by invitation only.

While in Washington D.C., Dean Dillenberg visited with Dr. Steve Corbin, the Senior vice-President of Special Olympics (SOI), to discuss further collaboration between ASDOH and SOI. He was also interviewed for their newsletter publication.

Cherry blossoms bloom in Potomic Park, Washington D.C.

Cherry blossoms were at the height of the season in Washington D. C.

NAP inductees, including Dr. Jack Dillenberg, display their medals.