Dr. Jack Dillenberg ping pongs back and forth to San Diego

Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s week started with a trip to San Diego where he gave the keynote at the Oral Health Initiative (OHI) conference sponsored by the community clinic council of San Diego. Two ASDOH graduates, Dr. Chelsea Richardson and Dr. Kim Ahn Nguyen, both from the class of 2008, were in attendance at the event. Dr. Jack Dillenberg spoke about the changing role of oral health care providers.

After a brief return to Phoenix, Dr. Jack Dillenberg was back in the plane again, returning to San Diego. He attended a “Friends of ATSU” reception at the beautiful home of Dr. Bruce Baker and his wife Sara in La Jolla, California. A combination of ATSU graduates, administrators, and local community leaders were there to discuss the plans for developing an ATSU campus in San Diego beginning with an ASDOH branch campus in 2014-2015.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg poses with the Bakers at their lovely home in La Jolla, California.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian visit with former ASDOH graduates at the OHI Conference.