Dr. Dillenberg zig zags across the Northern Hemisphere

The overseas adventure began in London with a special visit with Dr. Malcolm Harris, the world renowned oral surgeon and educator. Dr. Jack Dillenberg visited the British Library and dined at the architecturally significant St. Pancras Hotel which houses the train station to Paris.

The next day, Dr. Dillenberg flew to the Isle of Jersey, a beautiful place rich in history. There he addressed the Jersey Dental Association as the guest of Dr. Michael Cassidy. The dentists there were very interested in learning about ASDOH’s innovative approach to educating future dentists. While there, Dr. Dillenberg was a dental patient as a result of a dislodged crown during a wonderful seafood dinner. Thanks to Dr. Cassidy, the crown was reattached.

Then, off to Amman, Jordan where Dr. Jack Dillenberg met with representatives from Lutheran Medical Center and the Jordan University of Science, and Technology. These important meetings reaffirmed a commitment of all parties to the establishment of Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency with a Public Health Fellowship. It is anticipated that this program will begin in September 2012.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg returned stateside the end of May where he presented a keynote address at the North Dakota Public Health /Rural Health Conference in Grand Forks. It was well received, and he looks forward to having more of an ATSU presence in North Dakota.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg meets with leaders in Amman, Jordan.

ASDOH brings the gift of a Katchina to university leaders in Amman, Jordan