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National Oral Health Quality Improvement Committee meets in Washington DC

Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended the inaugural meeting of the National Oral Health Quality Improvement Committee sponsored by Dentaquest. The meeting was convened to build on existing oral health quality efforts, such as the Dental Quality Alliance and the National Quality Forum Expert Panel on Oral Health, with the goal of helping to build a national consensus on guidelines for prevention and management in oral care. Its role is to also to facilitate implementation of those guidelines into care policy and financing systems.

He joined leaders from various communities with in the oral health community including academicians, dental leaders, and the dental industry.

Dr. Jack takes a break and enjoys a holiday in southern Utah

During the early part of July, Dr. Jack Dillenberg enjoyed the Staircase of the Escalante, in southern Utah. He spent a glorious week with wonderful people, spectacular scenery, and extraordinary food in the mountain towns of Boulder, Escalante, and Torrey, with wonderful stops in Kanab and Flagstaff along the way. He enjoyed the uniquely delicious desserts including spiced cherry pie at the Burr Trail Grill and brandied cherry chocolate chip ice cream (with hot chocolate syrup) served at Hell’s Backbone Grill. The pumpkin “Jenchalada” and signature meatloaf were also favorites at the HBG, yummy!

Dr. Jack poses at the “Welcome to Boulder” sign.
The yummy spiced cherry pie that Dr. Jack enjoyed at the Burr Trail Grill.
Torrey, Utah provides a lovely background for Dr. Jack Dillenberg.

San Ysidro Health Center Gala lights up the night at the Hotel Del Coronado

Dr. Jack Dillenberg flew to San Diego to attend the SYHC Noche de Encanto to celebrate SYHC and to raise money for their new southeast San Diego adolescent health center. The event also served to announce the collaboration between ASDOH and SYHC in establishing a special needs oral care clinic within their new King-Chavez Health Center opening this summer.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg participates in the gala event at the Hotel Del Coronado.
While at the gala, Dr. Jack Dillenberg was interviewed about the new special needs oral health care clinic at the San Ysidro King-Chavez Health Center

ATSU representatives meet with realtors about potential sites for the new St. Louis campus

Dr. Jack Dillenberg visited St. Louis to meet with ATSU president designate, Dr. Craig Phelps; Dr. Wayne Cottam, Interim Dean, MOSDOH; Dr. Michael McManus, ATSU V.P for Planning; and Allen Freeman, CEO of Grace Hill Community Health Center, to review potential options for the new ATSU site in St. Louis. They met with various real estate representatives to visit five potential clinic locations in the area. RFI’s will be solicited from three sites for further study.

It was a positive trip that provided a wonderful opportunity for ATSU representative leaders to meet with Grace Hill Leaders.

The largest climbing wall is located near one of the prospective sites, the Paladium, in St. Louis, MO. In everyone’s best interest, Dr. Jack Dillenberg has promised not to climb the wall.

Dr. Dillenberg gives the keynote address for the Indiana Rural Health Association

Dr. Jack Dillenberg went to Indianapolis to provide the keynote address at the Indiana Rural Health Association in Indianapolis, Indiana. There he discussed oral health issues facing rural Americans and was able to motivate the audience to understand the importance of the integration of oral health into total health. He also stressed the importance of leadership in improving the overall health of rural Americans.

Dean Jack Dillenberg poses with Dean John Williams from IU School of Dentistry at the IRHA meeting.

ASDOH celebrates with the class of 2012

Graduation celebrations started with the annual student award brunch where students that excelled in various disciplines were recognized by faculty and various dental organizations. Over 250 students, family members, faculty and staff attended the event.

That evening, the celebration continued with the Sixth Annual Founders Ball. This event celebrates the graduates and founding sponsors of ASDOH. About 300 attended the event held at the Phoenician.

The week culminated with the sixth ASDOH Graduation. It was held at the Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix. The commencement speaker was Ron Pollack, the executive director of Families USA which is a health care advocate for the nation’s underserved. He reminded the 68 graduates of the difficulty facing the nation’s poor and uninsured in receiving dental care.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg emcees ASDOH's graduation gala.

Dr. Dillenberg zig zags across the Northern Hemisphere

The overseas adventure began in London with a special visit with Dr. Malcolm Harris, the world renowned oral surgeon and educator. Dr. Jack Dillenberg visited the British Library and dined at the architecturally significant St. Pancras Hotel which houses the train station to Paris.

The next day, Dr. Dillenberg flew to the Isle of Jersey, a beautiful place rich in history. There he addressed the Jersey Dental Association as the guest of Dr. Michael Cassidy. The dentists there were very interested in learning about ASDOH’s innovative approach to educating future dentists. While there, Dr. Dillenberg was a dental patient as a result of a dislodged crown during a wonderful seafood dinner. Thanks to Dr. Cassidy, the crown was reattached.

Then, off to Amman, Jordan where Dr. Jack Dillenberg met with representatives from Lutheran Medical Center and the Jordan University of Science, and Technology. These important meetings reaffirmed a commitment of all parties to the establishment of Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency with a Public Health Fellowship. It is anticipated that this program will begin in September 2012.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg returned stateside the end of May where he presented a keynote address at the North Dakota Public Health /Rural Health Conference in Grand Forks. It was well received, and he looks forward to having more of an ATSU presence in North Dakota.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg meets with leaders in Amman, Jordan.

ASDOH brings the gift of a Katchina to university leaders in Amman, Jordan

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry meets in Arizona

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) held their 10th Annual meeting for the first time in Arizona. In addition to their well-known national leadership in the area of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) policy development, they individually are the health care providers for many of the nation’s most fragile patients. The meeting addressed current issues on autism and developing a national policy on having people with IDD be considered as underserved.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg received the Dr. Harace Hayden founder’s Award in recognition of his vision, commitment and achievement in founding America’s first school of Oral Health providing education for dental professionals to serve persons with Intellectual Disabilities. He was in good company as one of several award winners at the dinner held at Las Sendus near the Superstition Mountains.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg's award is a keeper.

ASDOH honors its American Indian graduates


Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended a celebration of ASDOH’s six American Indian (AI) students in the 2012 graduation class held at the Landmark restaurant in Mesa.  Dr. George Blue Spruce presided over the event and stated it was the largest group of federally identified AI students to graduate at one time from dental school.

It was a joyous and emotional event held for all attendees which included previous ASDOH graduates and their spouses.


Dr. Jack Dillenberg celebrates with ASDOH AI students and graduates.
Dr. Jack Dillenberg celebrates with ASDOH AI students and graduates and their spouses.