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ASDOH Advisory Board and Champions for Oral Healthcare in the Disability Community Meetings Dominate Dr. Jack’s Month

Straumann Implants hosted this spring’s ASDOH Advisory Board meeting at their Andover, MA Headquarters. The positive and engaging meeting focused on how the Board can continue to support Dean Trombly and the innovative work being done at ASDOH and the Dillenberg Center. The November meeting will be held in Phoenix.

Dr. Jack in front of his new Man Mine.

Upon his return to Arizona, Dr. Jack supervised the completion of his “Man Mine,” a replica of a hundred year old copper mine entrance that dominated the Jerome mining era in the early 1900’s. It was constructed from used material from the original one hundred year-old Gold King Mine by Jerome neighbors. It will serve as Dr. Jack’s office and relaxation space.

Dr. Jack joins Neil Romano, Drs. Steve Perlman and Deb Weisfuse for lunch at Penn Dental School.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg also participated in the Project Accessible Oral Health (PAOH) led global conference which was held in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Those who participated in the meeting explored innovative ways to enhance the wellness of people with disabilities.

Following the conference, Dr. Jack attended a memorial celebration of the life of Dr. D. Walter Cohen – former Penn Dean and world leader in promoting oral health globally. His leadership, generosity and humble commitment to supporting the Alpha Omega fraternity and the collaboration between Hebrew University and AlQuds dental schools will never be forgotten.

Dr. Jack joins a global group of dental leaders at the Dr. D. Walter Cohen memorial in Philadelphia.
Dr. Jack shares lunch and thoughts with Penn Dental Students.

Finally, before departing Penn Dental Medicine, Dr. Jack attended a lunch meeting with a group of Penn dental students and faculty to discuss his experiences and thoughts on the emerging issues facing the dental profession and suggestions for the next generation of oral health providers. It was truly a wonderful and jam-packed visit to the City of Brotherly Love.

AADMD One Voice Conference brings Dr. Jack Dillenberg and other National Advocates for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled to Rochester, NY

Dr. Jack welcomes old friend and Colleague Neil Romano, Director of the National Disability Council to the AADMD Conference as a keynote speaker.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg
participated as a key-note speaker at the preconference one-day event focused
on the oral health of those with disabilities. Dr. Jack joined Drs. Rick Rader
and Matt Holder as keynote speakers. This preceded The One Voice American
Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) Conference hosted by
the Eastman Institute for Oral Health and the Golisano Foundation. The Conference
featured Neil Romano who is the Director of the National Disability Council and
long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Jack. Together they lead the National
Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP) with baseball icon Joe Garagiola.

Dr Jack joins colleagues in welcoming Congressman Joseph Morelle to the One Voice Conference
Dr. Jack visits with ASDOH “family members” past and present at One Voice Pre-Conference
Dr. Jack joins other Advisory Board members for the ATSU Center for the Future of Health Professions meeting.

As a member of the
ATSU Center for the Future of the Health Professions Advisory Board, Dr. Jack
Dillenberg attended their meeting at the ATSU Mesa, campus. The discussion
centered around planning the next panel event and the newsletter.

Jack joins Dean Trombly and others at the ASDOH, OKU Convocation.

ASDOH held its OKU
Convocation later that evening. Dr. Jack appreciated the opportunity to visit
and celebrate with the ASDOH OKU members and the extraordinary talents of the new
inductees. ASDOH continues to follow its mission to recruit, and produce
skilled dentists that are leaders, service oriented and committed to improving the
overall health of the underserved.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg Returns to Phoenix to Attend Ribbon Cutting for Special Needs Clinic

Dr. Jack at the reception desk of the new PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Clinic in Phoenix.

Pacific Dental Services Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Non-Profit Clinic opened its doors in Phoenix with Dr. Jack Dillenberg as part of the team. PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Clinic welcomed PDS team members, along with local community and dental leaders, to the ribbon cutting on April 18th.  This clinic is skillfully designed for special needs patients and their families. It hopes to be a model for other special needs clinics in communities of need for dental services. Arizona has the least restrictive reciprocity law in the U.S., which will enhance the ability of dentists from across the country to come to Arizona to experience this unique facility with its caring, committed and skilled staff.

The Jerome Town Council, Public works director and fire chief meet with local residents to discuss critical parking issues.

When Dr. Jack returned to Jerome, he participated in a Neighborhood Meeting as a member of Jerome’s Town Council. The Council discussed the issue regarding the ways fire trucks, ambulances and other critical vehicles will be able to safely travel on one the very narrow streets in the town without imposing parking restrictions yet still meet the parking needs of the local residents.

Dr. Jack returned to Phoenix to attend the 80th birthday celebration for his dear friend Dr. Carl Hammerschlag.  Friends and family, including Dr. Patch Adams, joined Carl in a very eclectic and humorous trial highlighting some of his unique attributes.

The week ended with a lovely lunch with Jamie, Tanner,
Roxanne, Lili and Isla.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg Receives Award for his Distinguished Service in Public Health Dentistry

Early spring, Dr. Jack Dillenberg participated as a presenter at the global Senior Dental Leader (SDL) program hosted by Harvard in Boston. He also was the recipient of the AAPHD 2019 Distinguished Service Award. The SDL program is an educational program Harvard University and Kings College in London host for selected dental leaders. The program leader is Dr. Raman Bedi, former Chief Dental Officer for the United Kingdom. The program is sponsored by the Henry Schein Company and Colgate and is in its fourteenth year.

Dr. Jack with SDL participants and leaders at the Henry Schein sponsored dinner.
Dr. Jack participates in an SDL work group discussion with program participants.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg was one of the participants selected as a “student” in the SDL’s second year and has taught in the program a number of times over the last decade. Dr. Jack observed this year’s participants to be extraordinary, and they represented both large and small countries. The program kicked off with a wonderful dinner hosted by Henry Schein. which brought together many corporate, organized dentistry, and academic leaders to listen to Dr. Hugh Silk, MD discuss the emerging integration of oral health into primary care.

Dr. Jack, Dr. Bob Levine and ASDOH graduate Dr. Ashlee Berger at the American Laser Club Symposium.

Two days after Dr. Jack’s return he was a keynote speaker at the American Laser Study Club Symposium being held in Phoenix. This gave him an opportunity to learn more about the wide use of lasers to positively impact dental treatment. He also had a chance to visit with some ASDOH graduates which is always a treat.

Dr. Jack with old friends, Drs. Caswell Evans, Steve Corbin and Neal Demby at the AAPHD meeting in Memphis.
Dr. Jack receiving the 2019 Distinguished Service Award from the American Association for Public Health Dentistry at their annual meeting.

The following weekend Dr. Jack Dillenberg flew to Memphis to receive the American Association for Public Health Dentistry 2019 Distinguished Service Award at their annual meeting. This was another humbling moment and  gave him an opportunity to visit with many truly exceptional dental leaders and students.

Dr. Jack is invited as an Honored Guest to the Special Olympics in Abu DhaBi, UAE

Dr. Rick Rader and Dr. Shuaib visit with Dr. Jack outside of the Scientific Program.

After almost twenty hours of traveling, Dr. Jack landed in Dubai. From there he traveled to Sharja University to deliver his presentation at the local AADMD student lead program for medical, dental and other students and faculty. It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with local health professions students and witness their commitment to improving the health of people of determination in the UAE.  The very successful event also brought together the AADMD leaders from America.

Dr. Jack with Hanna, a Sargent Shriver Messenger for the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics brought together over 7,500 people of determination from 179 countries. There were over 70,000 people attending the opening ceremony with Sheike Kalifa bin Zayed from Abu Dhabi, in attendance. His support of the Special Olympics was evident in all of the events, logistics along with promoting the conversion of the term “people with special needs” to “people of determination.”

Dr. Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General, visits the Dental Screening area of the Healthy Athlete Clinic.

The Healthy Athlete program of clinics for the athletes, created by Dr. Steve Perlman, with oral health as the initial services provided, continues to be an incredible opportunity to provide multiple needed health services to the athletes. The opportunity to meet with various athlete coaches, former professional athlete supporters and the Shriver family was an added thrill.

Dr. Jack attends the Global Inclusive Health Forum where inclusion of people of determination was the focus.
Dr. Jack visits Dr. Shuaib’s dental clinic along with his new wife Farha and office manager Natasha.
Linda Shriver, Tim’s wife, takes a moment to chat with Dr. Jack.
NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Spencer Haywood and Dr. Jack shared stories at breakfast.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg looks forward to the new PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs, not for profit, dental clinic official opening on April 18th in Phoenix – located on Bell Road and 45th Street. It is a carefully designed well equipped facility to meet the oral health needs of those with special needs.

Brighter Way Event and Family Wedding are Highlights for February 2019

Ken Snyder, Jerry Wissink and Kris Volcheck share a moment with Dr.Jack at the Brighterway Institute breakfast.

February began with  a number of “new” projects emerging. Specifically, the reconfiguration of the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders from its original focus on dental students and dentists working together in Israel and Palestine. The Alliance is now looking at focusing on improving oral health access for those with special health care needs by mentoring, coaching and support potential dental leaders globally. More to come in the next few months.

Dr. Jack’s dear friend Dr. Carl Hammerschlag delivers the invocation at the Brighterway Institute breakfast.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg also facilitated the First Annual Brighter Way Institute fundraising breakfast. Over two hundred community minded health professionals, foundation leaders and Brighter Way team members participated in the very successful event.

Jack and Jamie travel to Austin, TX for the wedding of Jack’s great nephew Dean and Meghan.

A few days after the Breakfast event Dr. Jack and Jamie flew to Austin, Texas to join the Dillenberg and Riegel family members and friends at the wedding of Dr. Jack’s “great nephew” – the original Dean Dillenberg. It was a wonderful, memorable ceremony and celebration in the hill country of Texas.

The next blog will address Dr. Jack’s upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi as an Honored Guest to speak at the World Special Olympic Games and Health Summit being held there in March. He will also be reporting on his participation in the Senior Dental Leaders training at Harvard.

A New Year with Exciting Opportunities Emerges for Dr. Jack.

The year began with Dr. Jack Dillenberg focusing on Jerome business. He participated in both Town Council and Chamber of Commerce meetings. Issues ranged from purchasing a new fire truck to addressing town infrastructure needs related to water and sewage.

Tim Riester and his son Finn, who shares his birthday with Dr.Jack. Tim is an extraordinary marketing expert.

Dr. Jack chaired the Brighterway Institute Board meeting. The board meeting focused on strategic direction changes which included the development of a dental implant training center and expanding its relationship with the Boys and Girls Club. The Board also discussed the upcoming initial fund-raising breakfast to help sustain the Institute in its efforts to provide oral health care to the underserved.

After his trip to Phoenix, Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended the American Institute of Dental Public Health Dentistry (AIDPH) Colloquium in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting focused on interprofessional practice and value-based care. The meeting provided a wonderful opportunity for Dr. Jack to reconnect with many colleagues and friends in the public health sector.

Dr. Jack joins long time friend Dr. Caswell Evans and other colleagues at the AIDPH Colloquium.
Dr. Jack with ASDOH Dean Bob Trombly participating with colleagues at the AIDPH Colloquium.

2018 draws to a close with memorable events

Dr. Jack chairs the Brighterway Institute Board meeting in Phoenix.

December was a busy and festive month for Dr. Jack Dillenberg. It included a visit to Phoenix where he attended a newly elected public officials training, a requirement for his new Jerome Town Council position. He also chaired the Brighterway Institute Board meeting.

Kevin Mosher, CEO and Gino DeSimone, Exec V.P. from Clear Choice, visit Dr. Jack at the Dillenberg Center at ASDOH.

Clear Choice CEO, Kevin Mosher, visited the Dillenberg Center at ASDOH to explore potential opportunities for collaboration. His executive Vice President, Gino DeSimone, sits on the ASDOH Dean’s Advisory Board.

The Town of Jerome celebrates the holidays at the Town Christmas Dinner.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg celebrated the holiday season by attending the annual Jerome Town Christmas dinner and the Christmas concert held at Mingus High School.

The year ends in a festive mood at the Christmas Concert at Mingus High School in Cottonwood, AZ.

He also hosted Dr. Steve Corbin, long time friend and colleague, along with his family in Jerome. Dr. Corbin served as the Chief dental officer for the U.S. and as Chief of staff for the Surgeon General. He also founded the Healthy Athlete program for Special Olympics and served as its director for 15 years.

Jack and Jamie welcome Dr. Steve Corbin and family to Jerome. Steve and Jack have been friends for over thirty years and shared many public health stories.

First Public Health Symposium is held at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Dr. Jack welcomes Panelists, Drs. Bill Riley, Mark Doughty, Conrado Barzarga and Nurse Practitioner Erin Hartnett at the Public Health Symposium.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg traveled to New York City to moderate the first Public Health Symposium at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). The symposium consisted of four panels over a two-day period and brought together national leaders on emerging issues.

Attendees listen to Dr. David Gesko’s inspirational presentation at the Public Health Symposium.

Dr. Steve Perlman moderates the Panel on Special Needs at the First Public Health Symposium at the GNYDM.

During the meeting, Dr. Jack Dillenberg had an opportunity to meet with many friends and colleagues. Attendees shared their positive feedback, and it is anticipated it will be part of next year’s GNYDM as well. The GNYDM is the largest dental meeting in the US with over 51,000 registered including attendees from all 50 US states and 100 countries.

Dr. Jack joins dear friends and panelists, Drs. Allen Finkelstein, David Gesko, and Mike Alfano.

The Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders held its annual meeting at the NYUCD. The meeting focused on developing the new organizational structure and vision. This global alliance plans to increase its presence in developing emerging leaders globally to create and manage innovative programs serving the underserved,  such as individuals with special needs, throughout the world.

Dr. Jack participates in the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders Annual meeting at NYUCD.

New Dillenberg Center opens in coordination with ASDOH Advisory Board Meeting

Here is the entrance to the new Dillenberg Center and PDS Innovation Clinic.

The new Dillenberg Center for Health Innovation and Technology, which houses the PDS Innovation Clinic, officially opened on November 6. The Center provides state-of-the-art digital dental equipment along with Cerac milling stations.

Steve Thorne, Founder and CEO of Pacific Dental Services and major Center donor, joins Dr. Jack at the Ribbon Cutting for the new Dillenberg Center for Health Innovation and Technology.

Private donations provided the funds for this 11-chair clinic and equipment, center design and construction. The Center also includes a research area, conference room, wet labs and office space. The PDS Innovative Clinic supports interprofessional care and research.

The ASDOH Advisory Board meets in the Cottrell Family Conference room in the Dillenberg Center.

Gerard Moufflet the ASDOH Board Chair led the discussion and advisory session during a in-depth, comprehensive, one-day meeting. The Board members continued their active engagement and commitment to improving the quality of the ASDOH model.

Dr. Jack joins the ASDOH Advisory Board and ATSU administrators for dinner.