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Dr. Jack combines business with pleasure in Santa Monica, Calif.

Dr. Jack celebrates with Dr. Bernie Weintraub for his career in dental public health.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and his wife Jamie, drove from Jerome, Ariz. to Santa Monica, Calif. to participate in the event honoring Dr. Bernie Weintraub and to chair the Center for Oral Health (COH) Board meeting. The Center for Oral Health and leaders in public health celebrated with Dr. Bernie for his dedication and service to the people of California, especially the elderly.

Dr. Jack chairs the Center for Oral Health (COH) Board Meeting in Los Angeles.

The next day, Dr. Jack Dillenberg led the COH Board meeting. The new dental clinic initiatives both in California and Florida were the focus of the discussion.

Jack and Jamie enjoy an evening meal with Jack’s nephew Brett and his wife Karla in Santa Monica.

Dr. Jack meets up with Jamaican artist/friend at Venice Beach.

Dr. Jack and Jamie also enjoyed good food and time with friends and family.


Dr. Jack Dillenberg co-presents at the the ASAPA meeting

Randy and Jack as they begin their presentation at ASAPA.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined Dr. Randy Danielsen at the Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants (ASAPA) annual spring CME conference held in Prescott, Ariz. They represented the Center for the Future of the Health Professions at ATSU. Their presentation focused on the integration of oral health and primary care. They presented clinical cases to the attendees and led a discussion regarding these cases. The PAs in attendance showed an interest in integrating oral health into their clinical practices. This included preventive as well as diagnostic work.

Dr. Adam Bennett, ASDOH class of 2014, stopped by Jerome for a visit with his former dean.

Dr. Ted Wendel joins Jack and Randy during their presentation.

Oral Health America honors Dr. Jack Dillenberg at their annual gala in Chicago

Dr. Jack meets and greets colleagues at the OHA reception.

Dr. Jack reconnects with dear friend, Dr. Caswell Evans, the author of the Surgeon General’s report on oral health.

After spending a week in the warm climates of St. Thomas and Key West, Dr. Jack Dillenberg traveled to Chicago for the Oral Health America’s (OHA) 28th Annual Gala and Benefit. OHA honored him with their annual Tribute Award for his lifelong service to oral health. OHA remains constant in its mission to connect communities with resources to increase access to care, improve health literacy and advocate for policies that benefit all Americans, particularly the most vulnerable.

Dr. Jack delivers his award acceptance speech.

Peg Cottrell congratulates Dr. Jack on receiving the OHA Tribute Award.

Over 600 attendees participated in the award celebration activities and showed their appreciation for his inspiring remarks with a standing ovation. The event provided Dr. Jack Dillenberg an opportunity to reconnect with many colleagues and friends from across the United States. Leaders from the dental industry, academia and associations provided a welcoming and heartfelt tribute to Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s career of community service, leadership and dental education. A number of participants generously contributed to the new Dillenberg Center for Health Innovation and Technology at ASDOH in appreciation of his lifelong commitment to the profession.

ASDOH colleagues join dental leaders in celebrating Dr. Jack’s award.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg speaks at the Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston

Ingrid, a member of ASDOH’s inaugural class, surprised Dr. Jack at the Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston.

Winter weather did not deter Dr. Jack Dillenberg from heading East to speak at the annual Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston. He spoke to a full room of community health center leaders and staff about the integration of oral health into primary care and the challenges faced by the 36 million Americans who are disabled.

Dr. Jack joins staff and board members at their Brighterway Institute celebration.

When he returned to Phoenix, he started his official role as board chair for the Brighterway Institute. He welcomed staff and board members to the winter celebration.

The famous bluegrass band, the Mountain Benders, performs at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

The New Year Begins with Dr. Jack Dillenberg speaking to regional dental students

Dental leaders welcome Dr. Jack to the ASDA District 10 Conference.

As the year unfolds, Dr. Jack Dillenberg spoke at the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) District 10 Conference promoting the emerging value-based approach to delivering oral health services. Specifically, he addressed the integration of oral health into primary care within an emerging system which will promote dental payments for health improvement rather than for services provided. He also addressed the critical issue of providing needed oral health services to the over 36 million disabled Americans.

Dean Emeritus, Dr. Jack, with ASDOH students at the ASDA District 10 event.

Additionally, Dr. Jack Dillenberg and co-author Dr. Leonard Goldstein have completed an article that will be published in the February issue of the Compendium Journal. The article discusses the innovative structure of ASDOH and the recently founded ATSU Center for the Future of Health Professions.

Dr. Will Humble, current Executive Director AzPHA, photographs the slogan of the anti-tobacco campaign initiated by Dr. Jack when he was Director of the Ariz. Department of Health.

2017 ends with celebrations and plans for the new year

Dr. Jack and Dr. Chris Volcheck celebrate at Charlie and Jess’s wedding.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined in the celebration of ASDOH inaugural class graduate Dr. Charlie Clark and Jess for their wedding. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for many in the ASDOH family to reunite.

Dr. Jack with others at the Alpha Omega Arizona Chapter event.

The following day, Jack attended the Arizona chapter of Alpha Omega event. The traditional brunch brought together dental students, faculty and dentists to celebrate a number of Alpha Omega programs including the Holocaust Survivor’s Dental Program in Arizona. Planning activities for 2018 began the next day when Jack left for California to chair the Center for Oral Health board meeting. At the meeting, board members discussed innovative approaches to interdisciplinary care.

The new year should provide opportunities for innovation in improving the oral and whole person health of the at risk and underserved.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg leaves sunny Ariz for East Coast winter events

The Greater New York Dental Meeting continues to attract Dr. Jack for it’s ability to attract dental providers and industry leaders. While in New York, he met with numerous thought leaders to discuss the current and future of healthcare and oral health delivery in the US.

Dr. Jack attends presentation by Dr. Sid Whitman, New Jersey pediatric dentist/Medicaid expert.

Long time friends and colleagues, Drs. Ivan Lugo and Terri Dolan, greet Dr. Jack at the NDA session at the GNYDM.

Many emerging policy issues including oral health and Medicare, mid-level providers and oral health care for those with special needs dominated the discussion. New York also provided a wonderful opportunity for Dr. Jack Dillenberg to reconnect with old friends and colleagues.

Carey Lyon invited Dr. Jack to join his team for dinner at the iconic Peter Luger Steak House.

Dr. Neal Denby greets Dr. Jack before he delivers the keynote at the NYU/Langone dental residency conference.

NYU/Langone Dental Residency Faculty Training Conference invited Dr. Jack Dillenberg to be their keynote speaker. This is the second time he’s been asked to present to these men and women who serve the underserved and train residency students at their community health centers throughout the country. He focused his presentation comments on the “soft skills” needed by community-minded dentists to be effective in both leadership and in integrated health care.

Dr. George Axe, Dr. Jack’s former dental student and clinical patient, is evidence of Jack’s previous dental skills.


Special Care dentistry leaders, Drs. Steven Perlman and Allen Wong, surprise Dr. Jack at the NYU/Langone Conference.

Dr. Jack presents the keynote address.

The Future of Oral Health Delivery guided Dr. Jack’s travels in early November

Dr. Keith Watson, President of Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, welcomes Dr. Jack during his recent visit to Yakima, WA.

Yakima Washington provided the scene for Dr. Jack Dillenberg and colleagues to visit the campus of Pacific Northwest University (PNWU) School of Health Sciences.

Carlos Olivarus, CEO of the Yakima Farm Workers Clinic, greets Dr. Jack.

There they met with local oral health leaders to discuss the possibility of establishing a dental school on the PNWU campus to serve the region. The collaboration between PNWU and the Farmworkers Clinic would provide a unique educational model to recruit local community-minded individuals to serve the underserved in the community.

Dr. Bill Riley speaks at one of the sessions at the NNOHA conference.

Retired NNOHA founder and president, Dr. John McFarland, welcomes Dr. Jack to the conference.

Later in the week, Dr. Jack Dillenberg flew to San Diego to meet with Drs. Bill Doherty and Bill Riley, who were presenting at the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) conference.The three met to discuss the oral health transformation of financing and care into a value-based system of care.

Dr. Jack joins Dr. Mark Doherty and Dr. Bill Riley to discuss the transformation of finance and care delivery in oral health.

International experts on health care for people with disabilities, gather in New York

ASDOH faculty members, Drs. Maureen Perry and Scott Howell, speak on a panel about oral health care needs for the disabled.

The Project Accessible Oral Health gathering in New York, brought together policy makers, clinicians, elected officials and others interested in improving the wellness of people with disabilities. The presentations described trends and innovative programs to improve overall health of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Jack had a chance to meet Dylan and his mom after their panel discussion.

Individuals with disabilities, along with their family members, participated on various panels to share their experiences.

During the two days, discussions included strategies for engaging and developing a network of advocates, funders and leaders. Participants showed a commitment to engage in the discussed strategies and plan to follow up with a second meeting in 2018.

Participants of the Project Accessible Oral Health gather to share their thoughts about the upcoming meeting.


“Retirement” keeps Dr. Jack Dillenberg busy traveling from coast to coast

September ended with Dr. Jack Dillenberg venturing to San Francisco to be the keynote speaker at the American Student Dental Association District 11 conference. Well over 100 dental students representing all the California dental schools attended Dr. Jack’s presentation “Dentistry Beyond the Drill.”

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dan Perkins celebrate Dan’s successful Heimlich maneuver.

Two days later, Dr. Jack was in Irvine, Calif. chairing the board meeting for the Center for Oral Health. The following weekend, Dr. Jack surfaced in Austin, Texas to participate as an advisor to the Pacific Dental Services Institute. The Institute is made up of PDS dentists who provide clinical education to PDS clinicians.

Dr. Jack participates as a member of the Edward Shills Fund Board at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before the week ended, he flew to Philadelphia, where he emceed the annual Edward Shills Annual Award event. To wrap up his busy week, he flew to Columbus, Ohio to speak at the Annual Association of Physical Therapist Educators Conference.

Physical therapy educators attended Dr. Jack’s panel discussion.

Physical therapists from ATSU welcome Dr. Jack to their Annual Educators Meeting.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg, and panel members, present on “holistic admissions”.