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The Dean visits three cities on two coasts in one week

The President of Tanzania speaks at the NYU/Henry Schein event.

Dr. Jack started the week of September 19 in NYC during the UN General Assembly week to participate in the NYU/Henry Schein event “ Putting Teeth into Non-Communicable Disease”. The meeting featured the president of Tanzania who introduced oral diseases as part of the non-communicable disease policy at the General Assembly.

He also met with Dr. Julian Fischer from the FDI to discuss having ASDOH’s Student Global Oral Health Leadership group participate in the World Health Professions Alliance…”Health Improvement Card” project.
Mid-week Dr. Jack flew to the west coast to visit with post-Baccalaureate UOP/SFS pre-dental students to discuss ASDOH and the student’s plans of becoming dentists and possibly applying to ASDOH.
Dr. Jack culminated his busy week by attending the Board Meeting for the Center for Oral Health where he participated as a board member.

Introducing Dr. Jack Dillenberg

Dr. Jack Dillenberg is the Inaugural Dean of ASDOH

The mantra Dr. Dillenberg teaches all of his dental students and staff is, “There’s a person attached to that tooth, a family attached to that person and a community attached to that family,” says Dr. Jack Dillenberg the Inaugural Dean at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

The focus of his program is to expose students to the some of the most underserved in the U.S.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Dr. Dillenberg, it’s the importance of relationships. At ASDOH, the focus is on the relationships built between practitioners and students, students and patients, and staff and students. Dr. Dillenberg says, “We’re training health-care providers, not tooth technicians.”

It is the goal of the school to expose students to a variety of experiences and to expose them to some of the most underserved in the U.S. It is the hope that, “These students will go out and practice in underserved communities throughout Arizona and the country,” says Dr. Dillenberg.