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Dr. Jack Dillenberg transitions into his role as Dean Emeritus

Drs. Trombly, Gevitz and Dillenberg prepare for the White Coat Ceremony.

Less than one month after Dr. Dillenberg’s retirement, he had the honor of speaking to the incoming ASDOH class of 2020 at their White Coat Ceremony. He joined ASDOH’s new Dean, Dr. Bob Trombly, in welcoming the new students.

As Dean Emeritus, Dr. Jack continues to work with Dr. Norman Gevitz to establish the ATSU Center for the Future of Health Professions. Additionally, he is working with other health organizations to improve access to oral health care while promoting the integration of oral health into primary care.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg celebrates during his transition to Dean Emeritus

During Mary Busch’s retirement celebration, Dr. Jack presents her with a special gift.

Dr. Jack presents ASDOH prosthodontist, Dr. Tamer El-Gendy, with the ASDOH Oath to the Profession.

The week began with ASDOH’s recognition of Mary Busch’s retirement and contributions to promoting community oral health. Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Mary worked together over 25 years ago establishing the dental clinic at the Gomper’s Special Needs School in Phoenix, Ariz.

ATSU Mesa campus faculty, administrators and students surprise Dr. Jack with a retirement celebration.

The rest of the week Dr. Jack Dillenberg spent his time wrapping up his duties as ASDOH’s Dean. Thinking he was going to a meeting in the JJLC Lecture Hall, the ASDOH community surprised with an appreciation celebration.

ASDOH alums and current students host a surprise lunchtime party to celebrate Dr. Jack’s approaching retirement.

Dr. Jack is overcome by the heartfelt appreciation of students and faculty at his surprise party.

The week ended with Dr. Jack enjoying rock band OVO. which included fellow New Yorker and guitar legend, Joe Berger, performing  at Jerome’s Spirit Room.


Phoenix summer heat does not deter Dr. Jack Dillenberg

Dr. Suchita Mandair is presented with her orthodontic fellowship completion certificate.

Vice Dean Wayne Cottam and Dr. Jack reminisce about their 15 years together at ASDOH.

The week began with Dr. Jack Dillenberg participating on the Shils Entrepreneurial Fund Board conference call to help identify this year’s awardees.  He also participated in the Social Mission Metrics Advisory Committee meeting chaired by Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan. The advisory group based at George Washington University is continuing to develop a survey instrument to measure service mission activities at health professions universities.

Dr. Jack speaks at the Mesa Rotary lunch meeting.

The week culminated with Dr. Jack Dillenberg returning to the Mesa Rotary Club as their featured luncheon speaker. He was reminded that he spoke to this group 15 years ago during the start of ASDOH’s existence. En route to Jerome, Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined other CAMBRA conference speakers on a call to discuss this year’s annual CAMBRA meeting which will be held in Denver on August 20-22.


ASDOH Town Hall is the focus of Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s week

Dean elect, Dr. Bob Trombly, addresses attendees at the ASDOH Town Hall.

The week began with leaders from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso visiting ASDOH as they prepare to start a dental school. Their interest in the ASDOH model set the stage for future collaboration between the two universities.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg convened an all ASDOH Town Hall to discuss ATSU’s newly implemented faculty promotion policy along with other issues. The meeting proved beneficial and helped clarify a number of questions raised by the participants.

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Conference highlights Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s week

Dr. Jack conducts a live webinar to Switzerland for Curapro from Jerome, Ariz.

The holiday week was extended by Dr. Jack Dillenberg enjoying a few vacation days in Jerome. While there, he conducted a live webinar for Curapro, the Swiss toothbrush manufacturer. The title was “Dentistry Beyond the Drill” and focused on leadership and qualities needed to be a successful healthcare provider.

Dr. Steve Perlman officially confers Dr. Jack with the title of Ambassador for the AADMD.

Soon after, he traveled to Houston, Texas for the AADMD Conference. The conference provided a wonderful opportunity for Dr. Jack to visit with ASDOH alums as well as old friends, all of whom work to help the intellectually and developmentally disabled. This organization provides leadership for the healthy athletes component of the Special Olympics.

The AADMD conference brings together health professionals serving the intellectually developmentally disabled.

Dr. Jack visits with ASDOH alum, Dr. Sarah Usher, husband Dustin, baby Everest and Anne Costello at the        AADMD meeting.


ASDOH’s class of 2017 graduation events fill much of Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s week

The leadership team from Dentaquest meet with Dr. Jack during the Safety Net University Summit.

The week began with Dr. Jack in Boston to present as a keynote speaker at the Dentaquest Safety Net University Summit in Boston.

The Safety Net University Team have dinner with Dr. Jack.

He took an early flight to Phoenix to celebrate Dr. Jae Park’s selection as Director of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Jack proudly recognized Dr. Jae Park’s selection as Director of the American Board of Orthodontics joined by Dr. John Grub the previous director.

That evening, ATSU President Dr. Craig Phelps hosted Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s retirement celebration. During the celebration, Dr. Phelps conferred the title of Dean Emeritus to Dr. Jack.

Events of the week included the Military Graduates Recognition Dinner, the ASDOH Awards Brunch, and the 2017 Founders Ball honoring the graduates.

Dr. Jack welcomes dental industry partners to the 2017 Founders Ball Gala.

The week culminated with a very emotional and joyous graduation ceremony as it was Dr. Jack Dillenberg’s final graduation as the dean at ASDOH.

The ASDOH student chapter of the Society of American Indian Dentists honors Dr. Jack for his upcoming retirement.

ASDOH activities keep Dr. Jack Dillenberg in Ariz.

The week started with Dr. Dillenberg’s end-of-year student brown bag lunch which drew a large number of students from all four classes to visit with the dean. Following the meeting, Dr. Jack met with all four class presidents to discuss current issues and his transition to retirement plan.

ASDOH leaders enjoy dinner at the OKU Induction.

Dr. Jack joins the OKU celebration.

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Jack Dillenberg attended the ASDOH Chapter of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) National Dental Honor Society for its annual induction banquet. OKU was founded for the purpose of encouraging scholarship and advancing the ethical standards of the dental profession. Members are elected from the top 20 percent of the class.

ASDOH’s Dean Advisory Board meeting and Oral Health Summit occupy Dean Dillenberg’s week

ASDOH and PDS work on design for the proposed Dillenberg Center for Health Innovation and Technology.

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) hosted the ASDOH Dean Advisory Board in Irvine, Calif. Board members included dental industry senior executives along with dental plan owners and Dean Dillenberg along with Dean elect, Dr. Robert Trombly. They met to discuss the Dean’s transition along with ideas as to how to grow ASDOH’s “brand” in dental education. The board unanimously supported and offered assistance in the development for the Center for Health Innovation and Technology.

Shatiqua Jamerson, oral health coordinator TPCA, welcomes Dr. Jack Dillenberg to the Tri-State Oral Health Summit.

Mid-week, Dr. Dillenberg traveled to Nashville, Tenn. to deliver the opening keynote address at the Fourth Tri-State Oral Health Summit. His remarks focused on the future of dentistry and attributes needed to be a successful dentist in the years to come in the emerging health care system.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg presents the opening keynote to the participants at the Tri-State Oral Health Summit in Nashville, TN.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine celebrates 150th Anniversary

Drs. Dillenberg and Trombly have lunch with with friends of ASDOH.

The week began with Dr. Jack Dillenberg introducing Dean elect, Dr. Robert Trombly to Dr. and Mrs. Prajapati for lunch at Rana Singh Sodhi’s restaurant.

Dr. Jack reconnected with Dr. Paul Farmer, international humanitarian and Co-founder of Partners in Health.

The majority of Dean Dillenberg’s week centered around his participation in the HSDM 150th year celebration and events. He moderated a panel discussion on “Dental Education for the next 150 Years.”  While there, he had an opportunity to visit former students, friends and colleagues. While in Boston, Dr. Jack Dillenberg also met with leaders of the Dentaquest Foundation and Institute to discuss ASDOH’s continuing efforts to be innovative in the emerging world of digital dentistry.

Dr. Jack with the four panelists at the HSDM Educational Summit.

Dental event in South Carolina brings Dr. Jack Dillenberg to the southeast region

Dr. Jack leads the ASDOH monthly faculty and staff meeting.

ASDOH hosted a number of national dental leaders to discuss the ASDOH’s efforts to integrate oral health into primary care.

ADA president, Dr. Gary Roberts, joins Dr. Jack at the South Carolina Dental Association Annual Session.

The Medical University of South Carolina and their state dental association invited Dr. Jack Dillenberg to speak in Charleston, SC. He spoke about the changing face of the dental profession to respond to the changing oral health needs in America. In addition to reconnecting with friends from the past, Dr. Jack experienced some of the fabulous cuisine of Charleston. The MUSC Dental School celebrated its 50th year anniversary of the dental school.

Dr. Jack attends the MUSC Dental School awards luncheon, joining ADA leaders.