ASDOH team attends the 2011 International Special Olympics in Athens

Dr. Jack represented ASDOH as the only dental school dean in attendance at this year’s World Special Olympics held in Athens, Greece. Student leader responsible for starting ASDOH’s Future Global Health leaders, Abrahim Caroci along with Dr. Tony Hashemian, Assistant Dean of Global Oral Health also attended the event. Dr. Jack was invited to participate in the research and scholars workgroup, and as a discussion leader in the conversations on how to spread the word about Special Olympics.

Abrahim Caroci was the initial speaker at the student research session and presented a PowerPoint presentation on the role that community service-oriented dental students could play in promoting and participating in Special Olympics worldwide. ASDOH’s Global and Oral Health Leaders was started by Abrahim and used as a model for networking and developing collaborative relationships with dental students throughout the world. Dr. Hashemian met with the group responsible for developing the special athletes electronic medical/health record to plan collaborative projects with ASDOH.

Dr. Jack was an active participant in a series of discussions about how to improve the integration of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in a respectful, unifying and accepting way. Scholars from many international universities participated in this discussion. Dr. Jack was the only scholar to represent a dental school.

Efforts to support the “dignity revolution” were seen throughout the discussions and events of the Special Olympics this year in Greece.