AEEDC Dubai and related meetings are the focus of the week

Dean Hien Chi Ngo and faculty member from Sharjah Dental School reconnect with Dr. Jack at the AEEDC Dubai meeting.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian represented ATSU at the second largest dental meeting in the world, AEEDC Dubai. While there, Dr. Jack presented to over 100 dental students and faculty from throughout the Gulf region. After the presentation, many students stayed for an interactive Q and A session. He also chaired the session for AEEDC on pediatrics, orthodontics and implants for world-renown experts in these areas.

As the session chair, Dr. Jack welcomes Dr. Sagar Abichandani from India.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg and Dr. Tony Hashemian represent ATSU at the 14th Annual Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting.

As a member of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance, Dr. Jack Dillenberg initiated a discussion on dental ethics and a recommendation to increase the number of presentations dealing with integrity in dentistry. These recommendations were widely accepted. Council members included over 100 dental leaders from 43 nations. Dr. Jack is one of only three representatives from the United States.