2020 Vision is a key goal for the New Year

Dr. Jack is in recovery after his eye surgery. All went well.

The year started with Dr. Jack receiving needed eye surgery on his left eye in an effort to clear his blurry vision as a result of scare tissue built up over the years of prior eye surgeries. It has been a slow but steady recovery.

Dr. Jack shares dinner with Dan Perkins and Karen Auiler from Aegis Communication along with Dr. Kris and Dustin from Brighterway Institute.

A week after the surgery, another significant health issue emerged, Dr. Jack experienced a minor stroke. The reality proved to be not as bad as the initial concern. Dr. Jack was admitted to the Verde Valley Medical center where he received comprehensive care and began treatment to minimize the stroke’s effect. He was fortunate that the main issue was a slight loss of balance and memory while all other functions, ie, speech, cognition, etc. remained normal. He continues to improve as his physical therapy, acupuncture and appropriate medications are all helping in his recovery.

Judge Larry Winthrop and wife Pat celebrate Dr. Jack’s appointment to the Az. Supreme Court Attorney, Discipline, Probable Cause Committee.

While all this was going on, Dr. Jack was contacted by the Arizona State Supreme Court. He was asked to become a public member of their Attorney, Discipline, Probable Cause Committee. This Committee oversees all the attorneys in Arizona and makes recommendations for discipline after reviewing investigations conducted by the State Bar following complaints about the attorney’s actions or behavior. It is a very high honor for Dr. Jack and the appointment is for three years.

ASDOH Dean Bob Trombly, wife Colleen and some of their old friends visit Dr. Jack and Jamie in Jerome.

As the weather moves from winter to spring, visitors plan to visit Dr. Jack and Jamie in Jerome.