2017 ends with celebrations and plans for the new year

Dr. Jack and Dr. Chris Volcheck celebrate at Charlie and Jess’s wedding.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg joined in the celebration of ASDOH inaugural class graduate Dr. Charlie Clark and Jess for their wedding. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for many in the ASDOH family to reunite.

Dr. Jack with others at the Alpha Omega Arizona Chapter event.

The following day, Jack attended the Arizona chapter of Alpha Omega event. The traditional brunch brought together dental students, faculty and dentists to celebrate a number of Alpha Omega programs including the Holocaust Survivor’s Dental Program in Arizona. Planning activities for 2018 began the next day when Jack left for California to chair the Center for Oral Health board meeting. At the meeting, board members discussed innovative approaches to interdisciplinary care.

The new year should provide opportunities for innovation in improving the oral and whole person health of the at risk and underserved.